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 Welcome and join ACQVIN group. 


The challenges in the IT industry are always on the upward curve and this is where you can rely on ACQVIN. It makes it possible to respond to the challenges with its innovative solutions that empower you to set your business on an ascending growth curve. ACQVIN has kept itself abreast with the unprecedented developments that IT has witnessed in last 3 years. Our cogent and effectual strategies enable our clients to get access to the new-age technologies and accelerate their operations in the most profit-driven manner.

We provide:
• Software Solutions
• Big Data Technology Solutions
• Engineering Services
• Application Development Services
• Staffing Services

As an IT solutions firm, ACQVIN aims to transform your enterprise into a highly profitable business and a sought-after partner for your clients and stakeholders.

Our Vision:
"Strategic planning is worthless -- without start up strategic vision."
ACQVIN have some strategic plans to be a preeminent provider of innovative business solutions, leveraging key technologies to improve our customers' competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

Our Mission:
ACQVIN mission is to be in a leadership position in its industry by providing responsive, high-quality, reliable, technologically advanced and cost-effective services that enable its customers to meet their business objectives. This allows ACQVIN’s to enhance shareholder value, and afford its employees the opportunity to realize their professional and personal goals.

What makes ACQVIN different from others in competitive environment?
• Total Commitment to our clients' satisfaction
• Pride in our responsiveness and quality of work
• Efficient internal administration of payroll, invoicing, and other record keeping Stringent ethical standards
• An overriding commitment to quality and integrity

Our Culture:
ACQVIN Believes:
Relationship built on trust lasts forever. We believe in telling truth to others. Business ethics is thinking and perceiving. It is more than conscience. Our belief system has in its core commitment to highest quality and ethical standards.

Our Values:
Our values at ACQVIN is simple. We treat people the way we would like to be treated. Our values describe our business philosophy.

At  ACQVIN, we pride ourselves in our honest and ethical approach of doing business. We hold every one of our employees to this high standard of excellence and will never compromise our values. Clients and prospective job seekers alike can trust that their best interests will always come first and we will handle every situation with an honest and ethical approach.

Passion runs through our veins. We're passionate about our jobs. We're passionate about helping others find IT jobs and passionate about filling our client's positions. Give us a call; hear the passion in our voice as we work hard to help you with your needs. We also focus on offering smart solutions that productively extend our clients' goals. As success is realized and new technologies or ways of thinking evolve, we offer recommendations and alternatives that could benefit our clients.

ACQVIN understands that communication is vital in every single interaction we have with our clients and prospective IT job seekers. During any sort of assignment, it's very important to know both the client's need and timeline to complete that task. This information must be communicated to both sides to ensure we properly manage the expectations for everyone involved. ACQVIN keeps lines of communication open at all times so that you don't feel as though your job opportunity is falling between the cracks.

We're willing to take risks and make changes to deliver leading-edge thinking and consulting solutions for our clients. We are uniquely positioned to go the extra mile to develop complementary expertise for existing and prospective clients.