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IT Consulting

Process Driven IT Modernization:
Application modernization is the evolution of an enterprise IT organization’s existing application and infrastructure software, with the goal of aligning IT with shifting business strategies. It implies the acquisition and deployment of modern technologies along with their associated skill sets and capabilities to replace legacy environments.

ACQVIN helps IT organizations strategically prioritize their applications and deliver modernization initiatives that:
• Protect existing investments in enterprise applications.
• Preserve embedded intellectual assets.
• Make business operations more agile, secure and efficient.
• Lower overall maintenance costs.

We offer several approaches to IT modernization to address the complex challenges of modernizing legacy environments. Organizations typically need a combination of approaches for a complete modernization solution.

How We Work:
Our services include:
• Big Data Technology 
• Application Porting
• Migrate to Sophisticated IT Environments
• Application Re-engineering
• Application Development and Support
• Data Migration
• Technology Migration
• Re-hosting
• Web enabling