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Custom Application Developement

The development of custom-built software applications present a wide range of challenges for businesses as they work to balance the requirement to support existing applications with the need to invest in new and strategic core business initiatives. Many businesses find that cuts in information technology (IT) budgets and staff are making it impossible to maintain the necessary levels of support. Others want to contain or reduce the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance, enhancement and support of their applications, and some struggle to find skilled resources to support newly installed technologies.

The benefits of using the ACQVIN customized application services are:

Create Visibility, Accountability and Transparency
• Attain better control, higher visibility and predictability on IT budget

Reduce IT Intensity
• To Run the Business
• Increasing IT maturity to also have a higher impact on Changing the Business
• Increase P&L impact and accelerate cost savings by implementing the highest impact initiatives

Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvements
• Minimize disruption to business
• Establish a continuous value creation process and culture
• Set-up a mechanism for recognizing/rewarding innovation and improvement

Distinct Focus on Transformation
• Identify and execute early gains to establish confidence and build sponsorship
• Achieve Business-IT alignment through a collaborative approach and extensive use of tools, frameworks and best-in-class benchmarking