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 Welcome and join ACQVIN group. 

Enterprise Solutions

IT organizations provide an array of services to their clients – content management, application development, Business Intelligence, CRM, overall project management, application deployment, HR management, etc. To model and manage their enterprise system, companies need Enterprise applications.

The Enterprise applications of ACQVIN helps you strategize your new business initiatives most effectively and with much improved results. We help your business set foot on the growth curve by integrating composite enterprise software for different facets of your technological infrastructure.

As an enterprise application development service provider, ACQVIN offers:

• In-depth insight into the afore-established enterprise system of the client
• Developing and delivering multi-functional and reliable client-server applications
• Application of newest technologies such as Big Data Technology, SOA, Cloud Computing, etc.
• Conceptualizing highly resourceful business strategies and aligning highly functional applications with business processes
• A regular upgrade of services by providing patch updates, re-engineering, and fixing security loopholes.
• Enterprise software for companies across all domains- finance, energy, healthcare, automobile, etc.
• Building an ingenious framework for technology services

ACQVIN understands that the most feasible approach for serving the clients is to simplify the business processes and critical business functions. Our goal is to achieve high productivity at lower costs and highly optimize business operations.