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 Welcome and join ACQVIN group. 


With its KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Services, ACQVIN makes sure that each resume is systematically screened. That includes screening resumes sourced from online portals, search engines, emails, and various job networks on the internet. We have large databases and latest technologies for updating it in the most orderly manner.

ACQVIN provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to companies across all industry verticals, thus making sure we have candidates with varied skill-sets. This helps us expand our reach beyond that of KPO companies employing traditional recruiting practices.

With its aim to attract the top human capital, ACQVIN nominates candidates that have the best credentials and the right blend of skills, knowledge and experience. The aim at ACQVIN is that the personnel you would be taking onboard fits your specific requirements and exceeds expectations in whatever role you assign them with.

ACQVIN’s KPO Service Is Carried out by:
• Comprehensive research on professionals working in managerial Positions
• Contingency Search Conducting interview at university campuses, organizing job fairs, etc.
• Campus Placements

ACQVIN makes sure it always goes an extra mile by offering you candidates who possess the requisite qualifications and experience, and at the same time a zeal for delivering precision.